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About Us 

Prime Foreign Exchange is a dynamic and professional currency specialist firm that focuses on offering currency exchange services to SMEs and Private Clients worldwide. The team is made up of professional and dedicated staff, with years of collective foreign exchange experience and international property finance

Our COMPETITIVE EDGE is based around our business model. It allows us to keep the overheads to minimum and have access to liquidity markets. For this reason, we operate on a level playing field with other players in the market. 

Our small size and cost efficiency means that we are structured to compete with all other companies by keeping our margins as low as possible. We utilise the most advanced trading technology with live currency pricing, which combined with our market knowledge and expertise, allow us to find the best short or long term currency solution for you. 

Prime FX - About Us
              IS ALL WE DO...

                                                ...and we do it well.

Prime Foreign Exchange can offer much more than just on the spot SAVINGS. To many of our clients there are other things that are equally important, such as:

  • Minimising currency risk 

  • ​Personalised service - 24/7 contact

  • Convenience of placing orders by email or sms

  • Speed of transaction and efficiency in communication

Did you know? 

You can register with us in the morning and have certain major currencies delivered to the beneficiary account by lunchtime? Yes, 5 hours is all we need! 

Prime Foreign Exchange provides an EXECUTION ONLY service. We do not give recommendations about how to invest your money. Prime Foreign Exchange does not speculate or gamble with its clients’ funds.

We fully comply with the FCA Code of Business and we make a promise to act only upon client instructions. We do not take any unnecessary risks, meaning that dealing with us is safe and your transfer is totally secure and tracable. 


More information on the legal side can be found here.

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