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Whether a transfer of £10,000 or £100m each client is welcome to receive a full analysis of their requirements from the initial  enquiry. A currency audit will provide an opportunity to better understand your needs and create a bespoke proposal, ranging from a simple transaction to a multi-currency hedging facility.

Our team is trained to guide every client through the account opening process and follow each transaction from start to finish. Prime Foreign Exchange will remove the hassle from the complexities of international payments by helping you control your exposures and cash management.

​Please call your dedicated dealer for further information or send us an email with your query. Alternatively, you can register with us, it is FREE and NO obligation to trade but we will keep you up to date with relevant currency news.

Business Clients

The volatile nature of the foreign exchange markets poses a great risk of sudden and drastic rate movements. We understand that the smallest movement can be the difference between a profit, break-even or even a loss.

Whether you're responsible for a small or medium-sized business engaged in international trade, or a large multinational corporation with a continual need to make payments to a global network of suppliers, we have the expertise and experience to help simplify your payment and receipt processes and mitigate the risk of exchange rate fluctuations.

Our service includes risk management hedging solutions designed to manage your currency exposure with a range of instruments and features to suit your risk profile. We will help with formulating strategies to significantly reduce your risk exposure and help to improve cash flow.

Below is an illustration of how and when changes in Foreign Exchange rates will affect your cash flow and the measures we consider to minimise the risk. 

                 Exporter                                         Importer 



Foreign currency receivables convert to more GBP:

Risk Management advantage: hedge strategy may increase profit margin

Competitive advantage: hedge strategy may allow a company to undercut competitors who price in GBP and gain market share

Foreign currency payables convert to more GBP:

Risk Management advantage: hedge strategy to lock cost of goods purchased and to protect profit margins

Competitive advantage: transparent vendor pricing and avoidance of paying excessive risk premium



Foreign currency receivables convert to fewer GBP:

Risk Management advantage: hedge to control profit margins

Competitive advantage: hedge to hold prices constant and maintain market share

Foreign currency payables convert to fewer GBP:

Risk management Advantage: hedge strategy may decrease cost of goods sold purchased and increase profit margins

Competitive Advantage: opportunity to undercut competitors prices and gain market share