All applicants must provide a valid form of ID. We would accept a copy of the following:


- Passport 

- UK/EEA Photocard Driving License
- EU Member State ID Card
- UK Armed Forces ID Card


Clients based outside the UK must also provide a recent proof of address. We would accept one of the following documents: 


- Utility Bill (water, gas, electricity)

- Savings/Investments Statement

- Bank Account Statement

- Latest Mortgage Statement (annual)

- Property Tax Statement

The document must be dated within 3 months. Please make sure that your name, address, and the document issue date are clearly displayed.   


NOTE: If you have any difficutly with attaching or finding the supporting documents, please submit the form without them. Someone from Prime Foreign Exchange Ltd will get in touch with you and advise. 


Below you will find our T&C for viewing or to download (will open a new page)

Please ensure these terms are read and understood before registering to trade with Prime Foreign Exchange