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Foreign currency investments

We understand that if you are investing in anything in a foreign currency then exchange rates can have a massive impact on your profits (or losses).

Whether it is a luxury purchase or, indeed, any movement of cash for investment purpose, we can help you develop a strategy to minimise your risks and to take some of the worry out of any transaction involving another currency.  In effect, we assist you in hedging your currency risks.


If you are in the process of emigrating, it is likely that money transfer is one of the many factors you have to consider to make the move possible. It is essential you secure the best exchange rate and maximise the value of your money, allowing you to make the move as easy as possible.

We will utilise our expert knowledge and monitor the currency markets on your behalf. We will transfer funds, efficiently and securely, to ensure your new life abroad gets the best possible start.

Private Clients

Investing or moving abroad can be an exciting challenge, but without careful thinking and advance planning it can easily turn in to a costly and daunting experience, especially when involving foreign currency. We are here to help you minimise these risks and make the right call on foreign exchange. 

Sale or purchase of property abroad

For most clients this is probably the second biggest purchase after their main residence. The whole process to completion can take weeks, if not months, and yet many ignore the impact that currency fluctuations can have on the final purchase price. In foreign exchange terms, during these few weeks, it is possible that you could have lost, gained (and lost again) thousands of pounds without even noticing it until it is too late. It only shows how volatile the FX market can be. It costs nothing to speak to the experts and to make the necessary arrangements to protect yourself from foreign exchange risk. 

Not only are we able to ensure you obtain the best exchange rates, our in-depth knowledge of the property buying and selling processes in most countries means we can guide you through the whole process. We are able to recommend you to a number of overseas mortgage or insurance specialists, tax advisors, or even legal representatives who will be able to provide you with professional advice. 

Speak to us as early as possisble in the process so we can ensure that you take the opportunity to protect yourself from currency fluctuations during the buying/selling period, and even beyond.

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Regular Payments

Whether you need to pay an overseas mortgage, transfer your income or pension abroad or even just send money to cover your living expenses, we can save you money with the Regular Transfer Plan. 

We have a range  of tools so if you need to have a fixed amount of  sterling, or a fixed amount of foreign currency each month, we can show you how to do it. If required we can guarantee today’s exchange rate on payments you need to make or receive in the future, for up to 2 years.

Please call your dedicated dealer for further information or send us an email with your query. Alternatively, you can register with us, it is FREE and NO obligation to trade but we will keep you up to date with relevant currency news.