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Prime Foreign Exchange offers you Foreign Currencies and Free International Payments services. Our aim is to facilitate international trade, exchange and commerce at the best market rates. With us, you will find NO hidden charges, NO commissions, NO international transfer fees. Our exchange rates are inclusive of all costs. 


​With access to over 30 world currencies and over 100 currency pairs, we have solutions for most clients. Whether you are a private client investing, buying or selling abroad, a business selling or buying goods overseas, Prime Foreign Exchange will take care of your transactions at much more favourable rates than those given by the banks. Besides the savings on the exchange rate, we aim to offer convenience, efficiency and, more importantly, effective risk managementthrough a range of simple instruments.


Prime FX - Risk Management
for effective delivery of trade

We deliver structured solutions and risk management hedging designed to manage your foreign exchange exposures with a range of instruments to suit your requirements and risk attitude.

- Spot Contracts
- Forward Contracts
- Stop Loss Order
- Limit Orders

​These are powerful but simple tools that we use to reduce or, in some cases, eliminate the impact that the volatility of currency exchange rates can have on your profits. Risk management can be tailored to meet the needs of both private and business clients. You can find out more information about each of these instruments in our Risk Management section of Trade Info page​. 

We are obliged to provide a level of security that ensures clients are assured that all their funds are safe at any given time. No actions are taken without prior agreement with the client. 

Prime FX - Services
we stick to what we are good at

Foreign Currency Exchange is all we do,  and for this reason we do it much better than your bank. We are able to offer you:

- Live pricing, which means better up to the second exchange rates
- Free international transfers
- Dedicated broker for speed and efficiency
- Place orders via telephone or email
- Risk management tools for minimising your exposure to currency fluctuation

There are some things that we can not help you with directly, such as:

Taking cash payments
Issuing Travellers Cheques
Issuing Currency Cards
Taking payments over the phone


Did you know? 

If required, we are happy to provide you with a recommendation for professional independent advice in areas outside FX. 

At Prime Foreign Exchange we have good connections with reputable UK based professional advisors in the following areas:

- UK & International mortgages

- UK prime property sourcing

- Financial Planning (life insurance, pension, investments)

- UK & overseas property insurance (residential & commercial)

- Marine & luxury goods insurance

You do not have to be a client of ours to ask for a recommendation. Just give us a call on the number below and we will give you the information.